Will plasma lactic acid bacteria be a countermeasure against COVID-19?

It continues to mutate with the violent spread of COVID-19, alpha and delta varient, and recently with the omicron varient, casting a big shadow on our life. Isn’t the early COVID-19 silver bullet the invention and discovery most desired by humankind now? Meanwhile, a few years ago, a lactic acid bacterium that enhances the activityContinue reading “Will plasma lactic acid bacteria be a countermeasure against COVID-19?”

Increased hair loss after COVID-19 vaccination.

This time it’s a very timely story, but have you all been vaccinated with COVID-19? I finished the second time in September. My children also completed the second vaccination in October, and had no such effects except for symptoms such as arm pain and dullness the day after the inoculation. However, I’ve heard that someContinue reading “Increased hair loss after COVID-19 vaccination.”