Increased hair loss after COVID-19 vaccination.

This time it’s a very timely story, but have you all been vaccinated with COVID-19? I finished the second time in September. My children also completed the second vaccination in October, and had no such effects except for symptoms such as arm pain and dullness the day after the inoculation. However, I’ve heard that someContinue reading “Increased hair loss after COVID-19 vaccination.”

Good for sleep/Measures of hair growth trial for the age over 50s

This is the 5th time for this blog, and I would like to thank many people for reading it. That’s evidence that everybody was worried about hair care over the age of 50. Obviously, people are worried about things that are uncertain about the future. It is human psychology that we want to eliminate thatContinue reading “Good for sleep/Measures of hair growth trial for the age over 50s”

How to organize your feelings when you are depressed

Hello. I wrote blogs several times so far. Thank you to those who have seen and liked it. Everyone’s browsing and likes are encouraging. For those who are writing blogs, uploading videos, spreading information on SNS, etc., the support from other people is encouraging and very happy. On the other hand, there are various troubles and obstaclesContinue reading “How to organize your feelings when you are depressed”