Easy methods of speaking Japanese in introducing.

Everyone says Japanese language is too difficult to learn, but letters are interesting and strange. I think so, for Japanese, our language has unique combinations among letters and grammers.

From this time, I would like to introduce you to Japanese while looking at the characters. Today is an introduction.

There are various introduction methods depending on the situation, such as introducing yourself or introducing another person, but first I will briefly explain the Japanese that introduces you.

1Nice to meet you

When we meet a person, we say “Nice to meet you” if that person is the first person to meet. In English, it corresponds to Nice to meet you .

The meaning of “はじめ” is at first or beginning, and there is no meaning of “まして” and it is a polite word.

*more slowly

こんにちは, it is meaning ‘Hello’, instead of this nice to meet you, no problem.

2 Nice to meet you, if you say your name

You say your name when you introduce yourself. The name follows “はじめまして”.

*For example, name is TOMO case.

Please put your name in this TOMO part.

If you would like to hear the audio with your name on it, please send me your comment. I will email you a voice audio including your name.

*more slowly

3 Please add polite words at the end.

It’s a good word to add if you’re a colleague or a member of a team that you’ll be working with in the future.

This word is nice to meet you or thank you , but please think of it as saying hello again. The meaning is that I want to build a good relationship with you in the future.

*more slowly

<Today’s learning>

・はじめまして ~ Ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te

・はじめまして、TOMOです ~ Ha-ji-me-ma-shi-te, TOMO-de-su

・よろしくおねがいいたします ~ Yo-ro-shi-ku-o-ne-gai-shi-ma-su

How was Japanese today? I hope you will gradually become familiar with Japanese.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Published by Mr.TOMO(トモさん)

初めまして。トモといいます。日本に住んでいる会社員です。日々の出来事や気になったことを世界の方々に向けて発信していきます。日本語・英語とそれぞれ記事を記していきます。Nice to meet you. My name is Tomo. I am an office worker living in Japan. We will disseminate daily events and concerns to people all over the world. I will write articles in Japanese and English respectively.

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