Easy methods of speaking Japanese in greeting.

Thank you for always reading my blogs. Your likes are always my encouragements.

And I am very happy to read everyone’s blogs.

I started this blog site because I want to get used to writing and reading English as much as possible, and I want to convey to you my thoughts as a Japanese and what is happening around me.

In this blogs read by people all over the world, I want you to understand Japan as much as possible, and I would like to write about how to easily speak and learn Japanese from now on.

I’m afraid I don’t speak much English. But I want to be able to challenge and talk more every day. If you are interested in Japanese, please see my blog about how to speak each Japanese in the future.

First of all, it’s a greeting.

In the morning, we say O-Ha-Yo-U. It means ‘Good morning’, ‘Buenos días’, ‘शुभ प्रभात’.

When greeting older or bosses, it is O-Ha-Yo-U Gozai-Masu. Gozai-Masu is polite wording which follows various verbs, nouns, and adjectives. It’s a convenient word to add later.

However, Gozai-masu polite wording is also a word that confuses those who learn Japanese.

Daytime greeting, we say Kon-Ni-Chi-Wa. It means ‘Hello’, ‘Hola’, ‘नमस्ते’.

More slowly.

For those who are closer, say Hi. This is the same as Hi in English.

In the evening and night, we say Kon-Ban-Wa. It is the same meaning ‘Hello’.

The same word as good evening we say is Oya-sumi-Na-Sai. It usually use when we go to bed, or say goodbye to other person at night.

And goodbye greeting we say is Sa-You-Na-Ra. It is useful in the day and night.

Basic Japanese Greeting are;

In the Morning ; O-Ha-Yo-U

In Daytime ; Kon-Ni-Chi-Wa

In the Evening and night ; Kon-Ban-Wa

Goodbye Greeting ; Sa-You-Na-Ra

If you have any questions, please leave your comments.

Thank you for reading till the end.

Published by Mr.TOMO(トモさん)

初めまして。トモといいます。日本に住んでいる会社員です。日々の出来事や気になったことを世界の方々に向けて発信していきます。日本語・英語とそれぞれ記事を記していきます。Nice to meet you. My name is Tomo. I am an office worker living in Japan. We will disseminate daily events and concerns to people all over the world. I will write articles in Japanese and English respectively.

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