Ingestion of enzymes makes your good healthy body.

Hello. Cold days continue in this winter in Japan. Cold air from the Asian continent brings snow to the northwestern side of Japan through the Sea of ​​Japan, and cold winds are blowing to the southeastern side.

On cold days, you spend more time at home and in a room where you can hear the heating. They tend to have less opportunity to exercise and more opportunities to eat.

Also, in cold weather, it can be a hassle to prepare meals, so you will want to rely on easy-to-prepare retort foods, canned foods, and instant foods. It is a convenient food that can be easily made and eaten.

However, meals such as these instant foods, canned foods, and retort foods not only reduce the energy of the body, but also lack enzymes, which in turn puts a strain on the body. This burden can also cause obesity, illness, and hair loss.

What is an enzyme? It is an essential protein as a catalyst for causing various chemical reactions that occur in the body.

Enzymes are essential for most chemical reactions that occur in the body, such as digesting, absorbing, and metabolizing ingested food by living organisms such as humans.

However, the main component of most enzymes is that proteins, like other proteins, change their structure when heated and lose their function.

Therefore, add raw foods (vegetables and fruits) and fermented foods (miso, natto, pickled bran, etc.) to your meal menu to supplement food enzymes.

There are two types of enzymes: “digestive enzymes” that promote the decomposition of food, and “alternative enzymes” that regenerate nutrients and repair bad parts. If you consume a lot of plant enzymes, you will not need to use the enzymes in your body as “digestive enzymes”, so you can use the surplus for the production of “metabolizing enzymes”, which will help you maintain your health and improve your hair health. Is also connected.

Make sure to supplement the enzyme when you eat.

Thank you for reading to the end.


Published by Mr.TOMO(トモさん)

初めまして。トモといいます。日本に住んでいる会社員です。日々の出来事や気になったことを世界の方々に向けて発信していきます。日本語・英語とそれぞれ記事を記していきます。Nice to meet you. My name is Tomo. I am an office worker living in Japan. We will disseminate daily events and concerns to people all over the world. I will write articles in Japanese and English respectively.

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