Increased hair loss after COVID-19 vaccination.

This time it’s a very timely story, but have you all been vaccinated with COVID-19?

I finished the second time in September. My children also completed the second vaccination in October, and had no such effects except for symptoms such as arm pain and dullness the day after the inoculation.

However, I’ve heard that some people have been sick after inoculation and some have had physical problems. Among these various side reactions and mysterious symptoms, we may hear reports of increased hair loss.

It is said that the medical elucidation of vaccines and hair loss has not yet been made, but if the effects of vaccines are present, it can be said that the elements necessary for hair growth are missing or adversely affected.

Alternatively, it is possible that the change in lifestyle due to the state of emergency before that has unknowingly undermined the body. It’s been a year or two that I’ve been forced to change both physically and mentally. There is no doubt that it is a factor of adverse effects on lifestyle and stress.

Especially with regard to vaccines made by Moderna, the effects on women have been addressed. Not only that, but as I get older, I’m worried about the volume of my hair. There was news that a consultation desk was set up to take measures against such a situation.

If you have any idea or are interested, why don’t you contact them? For those who do not have such time or are reluctant to do so, I recommend daily hair loss measures and defense measures.

I think the points are, first, alleviation of stress, second, improvement of life including meals, and third, sufficient rest including sleep.

However, it is difficult to clear everything. I would be happy if I could make suggestions for solving problems one by one on this blog.

1.Reducing stress and relieving stress

Make time to forget what you don’t like and immerse yourself in something you like. I think one of the solutions is to make time to devote yourself to your hobbies.

Fortunately, if you can use your house effectively with the pandemic, it will be fun to find a hobby that is different from your previous hobbies. This is the removal of stressors from within us.

2. Life improvement including meals

Eating good food for your hair. So far, I have written about food and how to eat it twice. Beans, sesame seeds, seaweeds such as wakame seaweed, vegetables such as green and yellow vegetables, fish and shellfish, mushrooms such as shiitake mushrooms, and potatoes. Take these to supplement your vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

3. Sufficient rest including sleep

Be sure to rest your body and mind. Recently, there are supplements for sleeping, music for sleeping, and a function that tells your smartphone when it’s time to sleep. I want to achieve the habit of resting and sleeping without fail.

Actively incorporate “what your body really needs” to maintain healthy hair and body.

Thank you for watching until the end.

<notice>There are individual differences in the condition of hair and scalp, and there are various countermeasures. I am an ordinary person who is not related to medical institutions, but I am practicing measures and coping methods after considering the growth and growth of my own hair. If you want to know the condition of your own hair accurately, please get appropriate treatment at a medical institution or hair care clinic. I think it is important to take a step forward.

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