Good for sleep/Measures of hair growth trial for the age over 50s

This is the 5th time for this blog, and I would like to thank many people for reading it. That’s evidence that everybody was worried about hair care over the age of 50.

Obviously, people are worried about things that are uncertain about the future. It is human psychology that we want to eliminate that anxiety and distrust as much as possible, and to gain peace of mind and stability. I hope this blog will wipe out your anxieties and distrust.

To be honest, I was skeptical about half a year, but I practiced the method I wrote before so far. However, after half a year, the amount of hair began to increase, albeit slightly, and I was confident to see that the hair growth was revived, especially at the hairline of the forehead, and that the hair growth was replaced by hair.

Please practice each method and gain confidence. Sometimes I lose confidence. I’m a human being, but I can’t lie to the accumulated time. There is the process that leads to the present, which leads to the future. It’s important to believe.

The introduction has become quite long, but this time it’s sleep. Have you been sleeping well these days? As you get older, you sleep less, wake up in the middle of the night, wake up early in the morning, and a little change in your environment or feelings can change your sleep quality.

I’m not having a stable sleep life, and I’ve been working all night lately, so I’m not stable.

However, I would like to write about the preparations for getting a stable sleep and the attitude to get a good sleep, even though it is unstable.

I’ve heard that hair growth is promoted during sleep. It is said that human growth is also promoted during sleep, and there is even old Japanese maxim that “sleeping children grow well.” A good sleep is so important for animals such as humans.

So how can you get a good night’s sleep? Various methods are provided as information to the world. Physically, the environment surrounding us, such as ensuring sleep with a bed or pillow that suits the individual, supplements that promote sleep, music for sleep, or even a smartphone app that notifies you when it is time to sleep. Various means and methods to promote sleep are provided in.

Since there are individual differences, it is important to get sleep that suits each situation, but I have the following three pre-sleep preparations, that is, routines.

<The preparation before you go to bed and sleep>

1.    Relax your body with stretching

2.    Breathe and relax

3.    Use a cool head pillow to encourage sleep

In each case, the point is to relax the body to relieve daily tension and to set the mindset for sleeping.

1.   Relax your body with stretching

Various stretches before bedtime are open to the public, and all of them are effective. We hope that you will practice the stretching method that suits your taste, but since the purpose is to relax, we do not recommend stretching that is overly exhausting. I am doing the following three things.

First – Stretch / 30 seconds, 1 time

Lying on your back, extend both hands to the tip of your head, and stretch your hands and feet so that they are pulled.

Second – Stretch your spine while sitting in Zazen / 60 seconds, 3 times

Sit like Buddha, we call it Zazen with the soles of both feet and keep your back straight for 60 seconds. Repeat this 3 times.

* During this time, we are adjusting the breathing of “2.” described later.

Third – Lie on your back and hang your feet toward the ceiling / 30 seconds, 1 time

Lying on your back again, raise your feet toward the ceiling and let your feet hang around freely. Do this for 30 seconds.

By doing these things, I am conscious of making my body aware of my preparations for sleeping.

2.    Breathe and relax.

This is a method of relaxing the body by breathing, which was actually taught by a hair growth clinic, but it is prepared by inhaling for a long time and exhaling for a long time.

i) Continue to inhale through your nose for 7 seconds

ii) Hold your breath for 3 seconds

iii) Continue to exhale from your mouth for 10 seconds

It’s a net 20-second breathing method, but it’s practiced as a way to keep your breath in order and relax.

The story is different, but it seems that there is a difference between the breathing of children and the breathing of adults. It is said that one breath is long because the child needs to breathe hard to distribute blood throughout their body during the growth period when the heart is also underdeveloped. On the contrary, adults have short breathing because their bodies are already ready and have a means to distribute blood.

I heard that this breathing method has the effect of reviving the memory of cell growth by the breathing method used during the growth period of the body.

I’m not an expert, so I don’t know if this theory is true, but I’m using this method because adjusting breathing can be useful outside of sleep.

Actually, this breathing method is performed during the above-mentioned “1” stretch meditation. By doing so, you can be more calm and, above all, save time.

3.  Cool head pillow to encourage sleep

This is a way to relax, but it’s a good idea to cool your head when you go to bed. But it’s not necessary to cool it too much, but I personally like a cool pillow, so I lay a cooling sheet on the pillow when I sleep.

The cooling sensation sheet is useful when it is hard to sleep in the hot summer months, but I use it throughout the year. I think this is a personal preference, so I recommend that you use a pillow that is comfortable for you to sleep on.

I go to them about 10 minutes before bedtime. I encourage people both physically and mentally to fall asleep before going to bed, and strive to get to sleep with peace of mind.


Since sleep is a necessary element for physical growth, it is necessary to get enough sleep, so prepare by using the following means to relax the mind and body.

1)     Stretch

2)     Breathing method

3)     Bedding

Prepare these 10 minutes before bedtime and fall asleep after mindset

This time, I didn’t mention the sleeping time, but this varies from person to person, but I would like to secure at least 6 hours. In fact, although I’m irregular, I spend every day trying to get six hours of sleep.

Sleep time varies due to various factors such as changes in the environment due to the seasons and changes in the mental state due to changes in daily life, but we believe that ensuring the minimum amount of sleep is important for maintaining physical and mental health. Please prepare for a good night’s sleep and take a rest.

Thank you for reading for me until the end.


There are individual differences in the condition of hair and scalp, and there are various countermeasures. I am an ordinary person who is not related to medical institutions, but I am practicing measures and coping methods after considering the growth and growth of my own hair. If you want to know the condition of your own hair accurately, please get appropriate treatment at a medical institution or hair care clinic. I think it is important to take a step forward.


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