The night views in Yokohama city near Tokyo

Now is only a month before Christmas, and preparations for the end of the year are about to begin. Around this time, I went to see the 38th Yokohama Illuminations 2021 “AURORA MAGIC”.

This event has become a winter tradition at the west side of Yokohama station, but last year it expressed the sea with light blue light due to the influence of the spread of COVID-19 infection, and expressed gratitude to medical professionals, “I want to brighten the world.” It was done with all my thoughts.

Now that the state of emergency has been lifted this autumn, the sub-theme is “Put hope for tomorrow on the butterflies dancing in the aurora” with the motif of butterflies with happiness so that you can feel the hope for a bright future.

It was an illumination suitable for the night view of Yokohama station. The lighting time of this light-up will be from 17:00 to 23:00 every day until February 14th 2022.

Illumination events are also being held in Minato-mirai area. This event, which is called the 2021 Yokohama Illuminations’ Yorunoyo’, will be held from Thursday, November 18, 2021 in the port town of Yokohama area, following last year as the art illumination” YOKOHAMA CROSS NIGHT ILLUMINATION- “.

Of these, I like the illuminations at Nippon Maru Memorial Park, where the old sail training ship Nippon Maru is located.

National Important Cultural Property Sail Training Ship Nippon Maru

The first Nippon Maru was made in 1930 in the wake of the accident of the training ship “Kirishima Maru” of Kagoshima Shosen Fisheries School. It is said that it was named “Nippon Maru” with the expectation that it would be sent to.

It’s a night view of Yokohama that I’ve seen since I was child, but it always has a fascinating charm. If you have a chance, please come to Yokohama city and see the nightviews.




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