Healthy food/Measures of hair growth trial for the age over 50s – Part 1-

Hello. Autumn is getting deeper these days. It gets cold in the mornings and evenings, and it will gradually become easier. 

In addition, the state of emergency in Japan caused by COVID-19 has been lifted, and you can enjoy the autumn of art and the autumn of appetite by getting out of the recently restrained life.

It gives you a strong appetite, it’s fun and happy to eat delicious food, and it’s no joy to taste it with like-minded people or alone.

By the way, this time is the food edition. I would like to write it in two parts. This time in the first part is about what foods are considered to be good for questioning hair growth, and how to eat them in the next second part.

First of all, I’m not a medical person, a dietitian, or a cook, so I consulted a medical institution or a hair growth clinic for detailed nutrients and effects.

Various people have introduced easy-to-eat methods and amounts, as well as their recipes, so I think they will all be helpful. I would like to write about the foods that promote hair growth  through the diet that I practice as an individual and how to eat them.

● Today’s point

1. Classify foods that are said to be good for your hair.

2.  What are the foods that play their respective roles?

3. Summary

1. Classify foods that are said to be good for hair growth and hair care

Various foods that are often said to be good for hair are introduced. There are a lot of things I see and hear, and I don’t know what is good, what is good, and why.

I am greedy and would like to take all if possible. Under such circumstances, we will boldly and concretely classify foods based on their nutrients and efficacy. My understanding is that it can be broadly classified into four categories.

1) Foods that are mainly the source of hair

2) Hair growth promotion and support

3)   Promotes blood flow to deliver nutrients & enhances nutrient absorption

4) Balance hormones

Of course, each food contains various nutrients, so it is not limited to that effect, and I think that the effect will be amplified by the combination, and other effects are expected. But I think it’s not good to be too biased to be careful. I think it is important to take it in a well-balanced manner without interruption.

2. What are the foods that play their respective roles?

➀ Foods that are mainly the source of hair

This is often said, but the element of hair is called protein. Specifically, it is as follows.

● Potatoes

Especially essential amino acids are nutrients necessary for hair. Vegetable foods are a good source of protein.

● Egg

It is rich in protein and also contains lecithin, a component that makes hair. Eggs are nutritious because they also have nutrients that promote blood circulation.

②     Hair growth promotion and support

I think there are many types of this. It is a food that promotes hair growth and hair growth, such as vitamins, minerals, and zinc.

● Seaweed

So-called wakame seaweed and kelp. Seaweed is rich in minerals such as zinc and iodine, and also contains vitamins and calcium.

● Nuts such as almonds

Nuts such as almonds are high in vitamin E and zinc, which are necessary for hair growth. Lack of vitamins such as vitamin E leads to symptoms such as hair loss and gray hair.

● Liver, oysters, cheese

Liver is a food that contains nutrients necessary for hair growth such as vitamins, iron and zinc. Zinc has the effect of thickening the hair and promoting hair growth, and is also useful for hair growth.

● Green and yellow vegetables

Carotene has antioxidant properties that prevent cell aging and is rich in vitamins. Vitamins and minerals help proteins make hair.

● Sesame

Sesamin can be expected to have the effect of preventing hypertension and normalizing lipid metabolism. Minerals are also essential for hair growth and are nutritional components that you want to take every day.

③     Promotes blood flow to deliver nutrients & enhances nutrient absorption

● Fish

It is said that when you take DHA, your blood becomes smooth. Improving blood circulation in the scalp also carries the nutrients needed for hair roots.

● Mushroom

Dietary fiber has a high intestinal regulating effect called β-glucan, which means that it can enhance the absorption of nutrients ingested by diet and can be expected to have the effect of promoting hair growth by activating cells.

④     Balance hormones

The main role is to take isoflavones, which help suppress male hormones and reduce female hormones.

● Miso soup

Isoflavone, the main component of soybeans, works like a female hormone. As a result, the hormone balance in the body is stabilized, the hair growth cycle is changed to a good state, and a hair growth effect can be expected.

● Natto -Fermented Soybeans-

Natto contains isoflavones, which suppress male hormones, as well as proteins, vitamins, and minerals.

3.  Summary

Of course, all foods that are said to be good for hair are decided to be good for the body. If each of them plays a role efficiently and contributes to the generation of cells, it will reach the hair root and lead to hair growth. I think it is important to take these while maintaining the balance.

However, I don’t think it’s good to take only a certain kind. Alternatively, it may be difficult to consume due to other nutrients contained in the food (eg, high in calories, high in fat, etc.), or it may be difficult to obtain on a daily basis due to factors such as price. In that case, I think it is important to devise and practice it, such as considering alternative methods and taking it.

Ideally, you should be able to eat many types of food efficiently, but actually it is difficult. In the next blog, I would like to write my example on how to take it in a well-balanced manner.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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There are individual differences in the condition of hair and scalp, and there are various countermeasures. I am an ordinary person who is not related to medical treatment, but I am practicing measures and coping methods after considering the growth and growth of my own hair. If you want to know the condition of your own hair accurately, please get appropriate treatment at a medical institution or hair growth clinic. I think it is important to take a step forward.



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