Scalp care / Measures of hair growth trial for the age over 50s.

Hello. It’s finally October. It’s fast, and it’s been three months in a year. This year has been a year of suffering from pandemic since new year’s day. 

Since last year, remote work has been introduced at work and online lessons have been introduced at school, which has changed our lives and at the same time changed the way we spend our time.

I also had more time to sleep because I had no commuting time, and there was a dramatic change in the rhythm of my life. I noticed that the number of hair loss suddenly increased at the time when the number of ‘households’ increased due to such pandemic influences.

I think there are various causes for thinning hair, but I was shocked to find that the effect had finally disappeared because I had planned to take measures on my own.

I thought that it would be better to drastically change the measures in November last year when I was wondering if I would just silently watch the hair disappear, so I went to a hair care clinic to see the condition of my hair and scalp. I had a diagnosis about.

As a result, the scalp was filthy and the hair was in a terrible state, such as thinning. When I was diagnosed, I had my head washed as a trial, but I lost about 400 hairs at a time, which made me feel very dangerous.

At that time, I was taught scalp care by coordinator. This time, I would like to write about how to wash my head, which is a cleaning method, among the scalp care products.

It’s been almost a year since I thought of it last year, but I’ve been able to realize the effect for some reason, so I hope it will be of some help to those who are worried. This time, I will write three points of elementary scalp care.


1.Scalp care is still important

2.How to wash one’s own head

3.Points when washing away


1.  Scalp care is still important-clean pores-

As with hair care clinic, it is said to be ‘clean the scalp’ anyway. It is said that you want the pores, which are the hairline of the hair, to be especially clean. If the entrance of the hair root is clogged with dust or sebum, nothing will grow.

It is still necessary to wash your head to keep it clean. There are various shampoos on sale now, so please choose the one that suits you best.

2. How to shampoo-Do not hurt your scalp but wash thoroughly-

The purpose is to remove sebum from the pores, but that doesn’t mean that you rub it with force or raise your nails. It will hurt you more, which in turn will hurt your scalp. First, wash with your fingers and palm to massage the entire scalp. At this time, if you just stroke it excessively gently, you will not be able to remove the sebum, so wash your entire head with the same force as when opening a window or opening a door.

3.  When rinsing-Rinse 3 times with cold and hot water-

There is also a point here. It is necessary to nourish the blood vessels in order for hair to grow from the roots. Therefore, it is necessary to promote the blood flow. Therefore, when I wash off the shampoo, after I alternately rinse with cold water and hot water three times . If you can use the shower, rinse only the scalp with cold water for about 20 seconds, and do 3 sets of it with warm water in the same time.

By alternating cold and warm, blood flow is promoted, and even a little nutrition can reach the hair roots, which will help when applying hair growth agents and hair growth agents to the scalp.

4. Summary

I am always aware of scalp care. I feel like washing my body and cleaning my scalp are two different things.

1) First of all, be conscious of keeping it clean. Hair loss is a preparation for the next hair to grow, so let’s say goodbye comfortably.

2) When removing dirt and sebum with shampoo, wash it like a massage. Not too kind and not too strong.

At that time, men will definitely want to feel refreshed, but if you wash it well with shampoo, it will be clean enough. Be careful not to overdo it.

3) Let’s promote blood flow for the subsequent hair growth agent and hair growth agent. Flush cold water and hot water three times.

If you have more free time of the day at remote work, and are suffering from thinning hair, try it even if you are the age over 50s. The hair root will surely be revived.

That requires a steady effort to continue. I haven’t made any dramatic changes, but I do realize that my efforts are not betrayed. Please refer to it.

Next time, I will post about how to use hair growth agents and hair growth agents. It will be serialized about once a week.

Thank you for watching until the end.

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There are individual differences in the condition of hair and scalp, and there are various countermeasures. I am an ordinary person who is not related to medical institutions, but I am practicing measures and coping methods after considering the growth and growth of my own hair. If you want to know the condition of your own hair accurately, please get appropriate treatment at a medical institution or hair care clinic. I think it is important to take a step forward.

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