How to organize your feelings when you are depressed

Hello. I wrote blogs several times so far. Thank you to those who have seen and liked it. Everyone’s browsing and likes are encouraging.

For those who are writing blogs, uploading videos, spreading information on SNS, etc., the support from other people is encouraging and very happy.

On the other hand, there are various troubles and obstacles in life, such as unpleasant things, failures, and unexpected situations. At that time, I feel depressed.

Why, why, what is the cause, and in an unbelievable situation, you can find the cause, and with or without it, you will feel depressed.

● How are you feeling at that time?

What are your feelings at that time?

  • Unlucky. sad. I have no luck. I can’t do it.
  • Unhappiness, bad luck, bad luck.
  • I’m bad. Others are bad. Blame things, blame people.

You have various feelings. It is natural because we are human.

I experiensed ‘melancholia’ about 10 years ago. I think there were various causes such as work pressure, stress, lack of sleep, serious affairs, and all the other factors that people with ‘melancholia’ are likely to fall into.

At that time, I had no idea what I was thinking, what I was doing, or how I felt. All I knew was that I had the feeling and behavior that made me wonder if I had become a different person.

Therefore, I had to see a medical institution and receive medical treatment. Due to the effects of the treatment, I was gradually returning to my ordinary life.

However, when I receive stress or pressure, my feelings still get depressed. When I was hoping to sort out my feelings when I couldn’t control it, I had the opportunity to talk to people who had the same symptoms.

● How to organize the feeling of “learn to forget unpleasent”

How to organize your feelings by yourself, and how to organize your feelings by remembering that you will forget the coping method you heard there . Specifically, the method was to write down what happened in a notebook as soon as possible and add your feelings at that time .

The movement of the finger to write, the act of writing an event, and the output of writing feelings there are methods that lead to the elimination of feelings.

The next point is to leave what you wrote and your feelings on the page of the notebook . It was difficult, but I developed the feeling of leaving the page as soon as I closed it. It’s like turning off the lights, closing the doors, and saying goodbye to that feeling .

I tried it immediately. At first, writing became emotional, but I tried to write only the facts as much as possible, and gradually began to calmly write the facts and feelings. You have been able to get a bird’s-eye view of yourself and the situation around you.

But sometimes I remember. At that time, I was able to understand the feelings at that time by looking at the notebook, and analyze whether it was the same or a little different, and how it was at that time.

● Mind reset like an athlete.

As with athletes, athletes who break records or achieve great achievements change their minds quickly, and even if they fail, they will succeed in the next. I think their mental strength is considerable. I hear that it requires training. I understand that you can organize your feelings with techniques, and you can organize your feelings with training to switch feelings.

This is the “feeling organizing technique” that I learned and practiced about 10 years ago . Now, even if there is something unpleasant or stressful, it takes 10 seconds at the shortest and 30 minutes at the longest, but I forget it. I try to forget it again. That’s why the front turns.

Mysterious things, “feelings” can be born as many times as you like. Keep your important feelings in your heart and remember them forever. But why don’t you write down the feelings you can throw away in a notebook and put it there and forget about it?

Thank you for reading to the end.


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