Vaccination for Children against COVID-19

Hello. This is MR.TOMO. October will finally start later this week.From October, the prices of flour, margarine, cooking oil, etc. are expected to rise in Japan.

At the same time, there will be a resumption of school classes due to the declaration for lifting of the state of emergency and the epidemic prevention measures that the government of Japan is planning to announce this week.

I have a lot to write about, but this time I will write about the vaccination of children.

I think there are various opinions, but I would appreciate it if you could see this as an individual opinion.

Vaccination for children

I have a son in the first grade of high school and a daughter in the sixth grade of elementary school. The municipality of residence distributed vaccination vouchers to children over the age of 12 earlier this month. Of course, my child is also over 12 years old, so we received the voucher.

I myself have already completed to have two times vaccinations earlier this month. I inoculated a Moderna vaccine, but I had a fever of 37 degrees and malaise from the night time of the inoculation day to the next day.

Even now, while I am at home and going to work alternately, I was urged to inoculate so as not to affect the surroundings involved my family and co-workers, but I honestly do not know the effect of the inoculation. I think it is important to continue the usual measures against COVID-19.

Among them, I went with my son to have vaccination himself last Saturday. I made a reservation for a large-scale inoculation venue in advance and went there, but there are many children who seem to be high school students and junior high school students in addition to my own children, and looking at the children who inoculate automatically from a distance makes me feel like I can not do anything. I did.

In addition, my daughter is scheduled to receive the first vaccination next week at a nearby clinic, but I thought that it was a necessary measure to avoid the aggravation of COVID-19 infection among children, but there was still something in my mind that caught me.

To maintain the social distance at school

From the end of the summer holidays until now, in order to avoid crowding in the classroom, the school has taken the form of online classes at elementary and junior high schools, and alternating attendance numbers at high schools. This is all scheduled to go to school from the second half of this week.

However, if there is a reason that parents do not want to attend the class, we do not have to let them to go to school. Especially in elementary schools, only children who have reached the age of 12 can receive vaccinations, so even in the same sixth grade, there will be a mixture of children who have received vaccinations and children who have not received vaccinations, and the school teachers must have difficulty responding. I think. Of course, from the 5th grade to the 1st grade, they haven’t been able to inoculate yet.

last year autumn spreading the infection of COVID-19

Due to the influence of COVID-19, we are forced to live an unprecedented life such as infection control and going out restrictions, and it is autumn that we will enter the second year, but the government of Japan decided to start the campaign to promote domestic travels called “Go To Travel” from July in last year. This campaign caused the spread of COVID-19 infection from the end of last year and the beginning of this year. It was also source of regulation and self-restraint that have been plagued for a long time.

With the resumption of economic activities in the world, school activities will resume, and I think that the children themselves will be pleased, and from the standpoint of parents who take care of their children at home, it may be desirable to resume. However, I can’t help but endure the situation where children who are always passive are susceptible.

Hope of Safe and secure for student life

My son, who received the first vaccination the day before yesterday, had only a slight fever, a pain in his arm, and a little dullness, but he is still worried as a parent. It seems that there will be no hindrance to future growth, there will be a stronger side reaction the second time, but there will be no effect, and what the inoculated person thinks is endless.

I sincerely hope that children will lead a safe and secure student life.

We also look forward to the arrival of the world that has overcome COVID-19 as soon as possible.

Published by Mr.TOMO(トモさん)

初めまして。トモといいます。日本に住んでいる会社員です。日々の出来事や気になったことを世界の方々に向けて発信していきます。日本語・英語とそれぞれ記事を記していきます。Nice to meet you. My name is Tomo. I am an office worker living in Japan. We will disseminate daily events and concerns to people all over the world. I will write articles in Japanese and English respectively.

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